Our Process


Inside Our Workshop

A White Glove Experience

From our concierge intake process with rental vehicles on-site to our expansive knowledge of the insurance claims process and OEM procedures, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be brought back to pre-accident condition with precision and technical skill that is required in today’s demanding environment. Our promise to our customers is to limit the disruption an accident has caused in their lives by providing a seamless and transparent service, all while delivering a repair product that is accurate, safe, and duplicated OEM specifications.

The Customer Process

Customer Drop off / Intake

 Upon entering any of our facilities, you will be immediately greeted by one of our Customer Service Representatives who will begin the intake process of having you fill out a few simple forms to allow us to start the repair process.

Vehicle Walkaround

Our Customer Service Representatives will complete a walk-around of your vehicle with you to outline all of the accident-related damages to be fixed in the repair process.

On Site Rental

If you have a rental reservation, we will now hand you off to our partners at Enterprise to quickly get you in your rental vehicle and on your way!

Pre-Scan and Thorough Check In

Once you leave our facility, your vehicle will be brought into our shop for a thorough inspection, noting any related damages that might exist to the vehicle. 

Vehicle Disassembly

At this stage, all accident related damaged parts and repair areas are disassembled in their entirety to ensure all hidden damage to the vehicle is revealed and accounted for in the repair plan.

Blue Printing

Once the disassembly of the vehicle is completed, an experienced “Blueprinter” will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and begin writing the repair plan to get your vehicle back to pre-accident condition. 

Parts Ordering

Once the Blueprint is created, our parts department will immediately begin sourcing and ordering all replacement parts for your vehicle’s repair. 

Customer Updates

Within 24 hours of your vehicle dropping off at our facilities, you will receive a phone call from our Customer Service team outlining the total of the estimate, the replacement parts being used, and the estimated completion date for your vehicle. 

Final Quality Check

Once your vehicle has been repaired, refinished, reassembled, and cleaned with our complimentary wash and vacuum, our representatives will complete a thorough quality check and analysis of all of the work completed. 


Upon your arrival back to our facility, our representatives will hand you all applicable paperwork outlying exactly what was repaired on your vehicle, as well as complete a walk around of the completed vehicle with you to ensure your satisfaction with our repairs. 

Inside our shops